Tanya Rochat is not only a multi-disciplinary artist, but has also become a personal brand that exists with the burning desire to make the most beautiful objects and projects by treating each challenge as a source of creation.

My hope is that I have been able to establish a creative environment in which both brands and people can feel warmly encouraged to exchange their ideas. These visions, once I've helped you identify the essence of them, are then made concrete by weaving my talents, skills and experience with your needs.

Tanya Rochat


Know whom you'll be working with.


Tanya Rochat is based in Queensland, Australia, but works with clients across the globe.

Having lived and worked in 5 countries, from Australia, Holland, England, America and South Africa, Tanya brings an expansive global approach to every person and brand she works with. Combined with more than 25 years of experience in many creative fields, she brings you a lot more than her skills. Driven by her sense of creativity, she brings more than her skills to serving each of her clients.



AIPP Photographer of the Year

Awards won

AUSTRALIAN AIPP Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2010
NSW/ACT AIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2010, Runner-up
NSW/ACT AIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2009
NSW/ACT AIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2008
NSW/ACT AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year 2008
AUSTRALIAN AIPP Photo Illustrator of the Year 2007, Runner-up
NSW/ACT AIPP Wedding Album of the Year, Runner-up


Modern Wedding Magazine: Numerous Editorial Fashion Photoshoots
Modern Wedding Flowers: Front Cover & Numerous Editorial Fashion Photoshoots
Capture Magazine: Interviews
Photoshop Australia Magazine: Interviews & Tutorials
Australian Beauty Specialists Magazine: Front Cover
Better Photography Magazine: Front Cover & Interview


Collaboration with various fashion designers, such as Camilla Franks & more
Solo & Group Exhibitions, 2008 - 2014
Published online books
Created online art communities
Gave art education

Business Vision

Creation at its core.


Premium Photography Design & Studio







Branding & Identity


Graphic Design


Social Media


Tanya Rochat Collaboration encouraged

The best results come from collaborative work built on mutual trust.

Let me imagine and build with you something of real value to both you and those you want to share the work with.



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